A sharply designed range of bags, The LUXAC Classic collection for women comes in four sizes: MAX, MIDI, MINI and SOIR. The three larger sizes are available in our six classic Italian leather colours (see individual products for more details) and the SOIR is available in vintage silver or gold and black.

LUXAC MAX and MIDI are perfect for women on the move, from school gate drop-off, through work, to a night out. Both can carry all of the usual essentials plus today's high tech accessories. Designed for comfort, they aim to minimise the strain of heavy items and still look desirable. 

LUXAC MINI is ideal if you prefer to travel light, a stylishly neat and compact bag with a good range of useful compartments. 

LUXAC SOIR, designed for evening wear, can be worn 'rucksack style' without the bother of a clutch bag, or as a miniature handbag when the chains are neatly detached and slipped into the concealed leather pocket. The bag works as a piece of jewellery in itself